Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Silver Lining

Do you ever have trouble finding the silver lining? Perhaps there is no silver lining sometimes. Obviously so I mean there is so much suffering and death in the world but on the flip side there is so much joy and birth!

I'm struggling with this today. HAHA Sometimes I wonder why you guys torture yourselves by coming to my blog some days :-) I feel like I'm forever posting doom and gloom. (well not always but you know.. sometimes you see things that way when you are down)

I made a call to the Tribunal today. Silly me called from the Jeep while sitting in the Walmart parking lot. I was told that not only could it take a year but my ex-husband has yet to respond to the questions he was sent.

I barely made it off the phone with the lady before the tears started. I couldn't stop.

I am praying to forgive and for forgiveness because if I could've crawled through a phone line to Vancouver he'd have been in big trouble!

However, I know that everything has to happen in HIS time (Gods's time) and not my time. So, I'm talking myself out of my feelings of disappointment, sadness and regret. I will be watching my entire class enter the church this Sunday from a row that is not reserved. I have a heavy heart.

Perhaps so I can share with the others how special this is. Share with them that it is something to rejoice over and not expect because it doesn't always come easy. I don't know that anyone feels that way in my class mind you. I just keep thinking that I hope they appreciate the specialness of Sunday and how someone wishes they could be there with them and can't yet.


Therese said...

But what a celebration it will be when it happens! I am praying for you!

Thou Art Jules said...

Indeed Therese! Thank you! I think I will need to spend the entire night in the chapel and then some! I am so truly blessed with this journey even though I get sidetracked sometimes :-)

Barbara said...

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have to wait, especially if your ex is being obstructive out of vengeance. Relationships can be so difficult! I will pray for you.

Daily Grace said...

Stay strong in your faith Jules, do not loose heart. The Lord hears the cries of his beloved and you are one of His beloved.

I have a friend that always tells me "just say Jesus I trust you, Jesus I trust you". This immediate proclomation of faith in him lightens the heart and soul and brings peace to the spirit.

I will say my rosary for you tonight and will remember you in prayer always.

God bless

Mary B said...

It is hard to remember that WE are not in charge...but, I feel your pain. I was there, many years ex did not respond. A letter from my pastor to the tribunal explaining that he wasn't likely to respond helped....I will keep you in my prayers.

Thou Art Jules said...

Thank you all! And Daily Grace, I am taking your advice :-)

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