Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lawnmower repair...

So, today starts off like this...

I oversleep and wake up as the kids are heading out the door.

Jump up and throw a load of darks in the washer so Kevin will have black pants for work.

Throw some breakfast on for Kevin

Start some coffee so it will be ready when Kevin wakes up

Iron white shirts for Kevin and toss three button up white dress shirts because they are looking awful

Find out that I wasn't suppose to be bleaching said shirts because they call for non chlorine bleach

Switch laundry (notice bits of paper in the washer)

Wake hubby

Realize that bits of paper were Kevin's paycheck that he stuck in his back pocket last night

Notice the washer isn't working right. It's making a humming noise

Knock on the door from neighbor wanting to borrow socket set.

See notice on doorknob that water has been turned off for nonpayment (yikes! how did I miss that!?)

Run to pay water so it can be turned back on

Zip home so Kevin can get to work

Decide to work on the neighbors lawnmower that I borrowed yesterday. It mowed awful but is lighter than ours and I can actually start it!

Get tools and dremel sharpener out

Try to take blade off..

Blade wont come off so try to sharpen on the mower

Start up and mow front and side yards.

Try to release blade again but realize gas is running all over the place because I filled the tank.

Decide to try to tighten wheels because they make an awful noise when lifted off the ground (to turn mower)

Set mower up on sawhorses on front porch trying not to pay attention to the man across the street at the new apartments that stares at us 24/7

Break bolt that attaches wheel...

Give up and go post on my blog!

lol what a day


Thou Art Jules said...

Thank God for a sense of humor :-)

Barbara said...

Yikes! I hope Kevin can get another paycheck. If all that had happened to me I'd be diving under the covers and hiding out until tomorrow.

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