Friday, April 16, 2010

Mom... did you know?

My zany, crazy, funny and hyper 12 year old son and I have been watching Wife Swap alot lately. I'm in love with alot of TLC programs. Just the other day Brandon was watching an episode that I wasn't watching. I learn so much from some of these shows! It gives you another perspective and makes me cringe to think what would happen if we were on the show because I am so unorganized and my house always cluttered! I know I'd get swapped with either a fundamentalist neat freak or something completely opposite!

Anyway... my son comes in and says Mom... did you know! That you are doing what they say you are suppose to do? I look at him with confusion. "huh?" You are doing what you are suppose to! "uh.. what?" Staying home with us! That's what you are suppose to do. :-) I couldn't help but smile!

Now, I'm not against working motherhood in any way! I've been one and am not one now not of my own free will. However, I believe I will keep it this way as long as God wants me here. It was good to hear my dear son say these words though instead of hinting to the fact that if I were working he could have this game or do this thing that he can't do! YAY!

I've been working off my frustrations in my yard this week. It's been a stressful week but I have found peace in it all. I took a "no running around day" yesterday to get a break from being a taxi cab Mom. I was so tired of running around all the time. Now don't get me wrong I am grateful for healthy and happy kids who have lots of interests but my fuse was getting so short it was on the verge of explosion and I was feeling a bit underappreciated. So, I took a day off from those things.

Miraculously the kids made it home from their activities! I spent all day in the yard and loved every minute of it! I am instituting some new things around here. Being home all the time had made me feel like I should be able to do everything. Not only am I finding that impossible but I realize that also means that my children are not learning valuable life lessons about helping out, teamwork and how a household runs. So chores are a coming!

I have taken well over a dozen yard bags full of debris out of my backyard this week! Leaves, sticks and vines say bye bye! About two years ago they put a mental health clinic across the street from our house. It caters to those who suffer with serious mental illness that they are trying to keep out of the hospital. Now I understand the plight of mental illness just a tiny bit but these dear people who have moved into the apartments that they built over there are very bored. They don't have much to do during the day and find their entertainment in my front yard. This means that I feel like I'm on a reality show every time I step out of my front door. I wish them the best but I admit it drives me crazy when they stare at me ALL the time! So, my back yard is cleaned up, I'm going to mow, clean off the back porch, move the grill out there and create a bit of space that is private for my sanity.

I suppose that's enough for now although I am feeling a bit talkative!

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