Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reception - Annointed - Confirmation

Photo Credit: Chelmsfordblue

The seats were packed
it was standing room only
my family arrived dressed in shirts and ties

My sponsor stuck close by my side
the Priest looked stunning
he looked peaceful and graceful

The incense created a scentual fog
I do not know where the anxiety went
I do not know where the nerves went

Everything progressed as usual until
we were called to the front
standing room only

The Priest's hands were soft
and they were cold
and they were not his own

The chrism smelled beautiful
it slid across my forehead
my hands folded at my waist

He spoke words that I do not remember
yet they are burned into my heart
and set as a beacon upon my head

This is our church

It's hard to say anything about today. Everything came and went so quickly. I arrived at the church at 7:45am and it was freezing outside! We filed into the church at 8:28 (a bit late!) My entire family was present and dressed well :-) Even my 16 year old daughter who never comes!

I am blessed!

It's my birthday, my confirmation name is my middle name which was not done on purpose. I briefly considered Mary (which was also my Grandmother's name.)

I am blessed!

My anxiety and nerves melted away. They vanished. I was ready.

I am blessed!

The whole service was surreal. It ran a half hour over and still felt like it ended too soon. I coughed at the incense.

I am blessed!

Holy Communion was amazing. I feel as though I have been at His table all along. I expected something earth shattering but left with the feeling that I had been there all along. I had felt so alone for so many months only to learn that I had been present but was not paying attention!

I am blessed!

Today was also my birthday. My father dropped by with a monetary gift :-) My children fixed me shrimp scampi for dinner and surprised me with a chocolate covered cake with cherries! Luckily there was a votive candle lit on top so I had a moment to consider my wish this year.

I am blessed!


Sue said...

You described you special day so beautifully, and mirrored my own heart! (((hugs)))

Mary333 said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations:) Definitely a special day for you!

Thou Art Jules said...

Thank you ladies! I'm so excited :-)

wdomburg said...

Belated congratulations and happy birthday! :)

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