Saturday, November 20, 2010

Falling short of the glory of God

Photo Credit: Nagaon

As I prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation today (AKA confession) I find myself feeling horrible about myself. I have not been the woman God has put me here to be. I have failed miserably with my faith life, with my family and much more.

As I examine my conscience I find all sorts of faults and times I have come short of the glory of God! We are such miserable humans aren't we!

I am making my list and I am checking it twice. I've prayed for guidance. I want to remember each slight, each thought and all inaction to confess.

I want to leave the confessional today with a clear conscience. I want to leave there feeling cleansed. I want to enter into His church tomorrow with purity and grace.

I know I fail miserably but I also know that He Loves me! He knows my weaknesses. He knows how to bring about joyful change in my mind and heart! He will lead me to redemption and fill me with His love and grace.

Reconciliation is a beautiful thing. It's hard but it is beautiful.

I wait in joyful hope..

photo credit: Daquella Manera


Katie said...

You and me both *hug*

I love Confession. It's so hard or me to do, but nothing compares to the feeling I have afterwards.

Prayers for you that the Holy Spirit guides you through a good confession!

Colleen said...

Yes, reconciliation is a beautiful gift. God-incidence - I posted today about God's mercy.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thou Art Jules said...

It is a very hard thing to do! Thank you both for stopping by!

Colleen I will check out your post!

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