Monday, November 15, 2010

First Things First - Book Review

First Things First
by Kurt and Brenda Warner
Tyndale House Publishers

I am not a football fan but I am a Mother of 4. When I picked up First Things First, I was not sure what to expect. I did not already know Kurt and Brenda's story. I did not know who Kurt was or even who the Cardinals were!

Before I knew it, I was hooked on the Warners story. I couldn't imagine what I could possibly have in common with an NFL players family. These two really surprised me!

First, Kurts complete transparency in his writing touched me. His love for his wife and children warmed my heart. He shares everything with his readers. He shares the good, the bad, the embarassing and the pride that we all experience but may never speak about.

Brenda also openly shares about everything from her time on public assistance to jealousy and her intimate feelings for everyone in her life.

The Warners grab you and place you right up front and center in their family with all of the chaos, noise, arguements and prayers. They offer refreshing advice that the world needs today. Too many families are living their lives as strangers without faith or hope.

I went from feeling unsure while looking at this cover and thinking "football" to grabbing a notebook to record the Warner family "rules" and various quotes that spoke to me.

This is such an inspiring story that leaves you wanting to be more - to do your best and to step out of your comfort zone to be a better spouse, parent, friend and more!

I've never said this before but I don't think I can do this book justice in a blog review. You just really need to get your hands on it and read it for yourself!

*A copy of this book was provided to me by Tyndale House Publishers for review purposes

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