Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday 10

Thursday 10 is hosted by Sheri over at The Shades of Pink - hop on over there and join us!

This week Sheri has talked about 10 things she likes about herself. From what I see, she and I are alot alike!

1. My eyes. I'm not copying but I really do like my eyes. I get compliments often and the look on peoples faces when the sun hits them just right is bizarre. They are hazel and lots of different colors all together. I like to look at all of the designs in my eyes.. I haven't done that in a while.

2. My feet. Yes, I actually like my feet. I often look at them (my ankles too!) Especially since I've put on some weight, my feet and ankles still look pretty :-)

3. My sense of humor. I'm pretty sarcastic and maybe I have a dry sense of humor but I love to make people laugh and sometimes I crack myself up!

4. My eye for details. People often comment that I notice the smallest things that most people wouldn't notice.

5. My cooking! I think I can cook pretty darn good.

6. My resourcefulness. I can pretty much do anything that I set my mind to. Like my bio says, I can truly wire a 3 way switch, find a radiator leak, clean battery terminals, use lots of power tools etc. I'll never forget the look on the Verizon guys face when I told him I ran the new phone jack that morning before he came..

7. My kindness. I am really kind and I really love people.

8. My backbone. I do however stand up for myself when I need to. I don't get kicks from being mean but I will tell you what I think when I need to.

9. My green thumb. I really enjoy working outdoors. I love to plant and mow and all sorts of things outside. I don't like to weed though!

10. My thoughts. Although I do tend to overanalyze, I like my brain. Hopefully as I continue to blog and write, I will find my voice so you guys can really "meet" me!

Join us next week for 10 items I wouldn't get rid of from my home!

1 comment:

Sheri said...

Thanks for playing! It was hard wasn't it!!! I got uber-stuck after a while. Love that you ran your own phone jack, that is so something I would do.

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