Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Her Highest Calling

Many of you may have already read my previous post here about my struggle with faith and living a Christian life. After several wonderful comments and a good long talk with my Mother, I have came to a few conclusions!

1. I am not alone! Many of us have these same thoughts and feelings. Perhaps I should really start to worry when I stop worrying about it? :-)

2. I have been looking for an outward sign of an inner relationship?

3. I have been overlooking one of the simplest forms of communion!

Many thanks to Mrs. White over at The Legacy of Home who offers me inspiration and wisdom each day with her blog! It was Mrs. White who recommended a book to me called Stepping Heavenward by E. Prentiss. You can download a free copy of Amazons Kindle for your PC Here and Stepping Heavenward is available for download for just $1.99!

I have learned so much from this book already! Mainly that I am where I am at this moment. I cannot have the same experiences as those who were where I am 20 years ago. I can start today by doing what I know to do. I can rise early, I can spend time in scripture, I can pray and I can use my highest calling to get started. By taking the time to care for my home and family I can glorify HIM daily. I knew this but something more about it clicked for me today.

Thank you to brandyreneebruce for her words of encouragement as well!

And Colleen for pointing out the obvious that I was oblivious to which was that I was not coming from my brain but my heart when I wrote this post! I have so much to do :-)

Thank you all for taking the time to share your wisdom with me!!

I am going to put on some fulfilling music and get to work on my home. I will clean, cook and wash today with a purpose!

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Penny said...

love this, "I will clean, cook and wash today with a purpose!"

Today I wrote on my blog about how simple acts of obedience will have lasting effects with our children's children!

Keep up the good work!

Here from iFellowship and so glad I stopped by!

Have a great Wednesday!

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