Friday, October 15, 2010

Weeks end roundup

This week has been speckled with weddings, homecoming prep, wedding receptions, 3 days of in-home counseling with David, blood tests and doctors appointments.

I suppose I don't have anything enlightening to say. My blood work is normal and the doc is changing up my medication. This is music to my ears because after gaining 50 pounds, sleeping all the time and don't even ask me about libido.... yeah well, we are trying something new. It will probably be about 2 weeks before the new meds arrive in the mail because I have applied for assistance through Pfizer for it. Then the fun will begin because as you all probably know by now.. I'm kinda afraid of medication at first. I will pick it apart and believe me.. if there is a side effect, I will find it!

Counseling with David (14) turned a bit more serious this week. I think the counselors figure they have been coming around long enough that they can ask the tough questions. Since his Mother moved out of the state two weekends ago without even telling us or saying goodbye, they wanted to talk about that. Needless to say.. David did not.

Katelin (16) is struggling with being a teen. Her natural tendency towards independance right now is something she is having to learn to mold into something that at least resembles respectfulness! Only 2 more weeks of crosscountry and she will start looking for a part time job.

Casey (19) is planning to move. They are getting their first apartment on Nov 1! She's excited and nervous and is now looking for a part time day job. She's showing me more and more of the woman she is becoming each day and never stops amazing me!

Brandon (13) almost lost his lead in the play this week. His perfect personality for drama is imperfect for the classroom. He is learning selfcontrol and is having to learn how to stand up to his "friends" who really get him going in class to the point of getting a write up. He is not allowed to go to play practice for a week but luckily will still be allowed to be in the play. You can't have Willy Wonka without Charley can you?

So, most of the children are learning alot about selfcontrol this week and priorities.

We have instituted a new chore chart. It's rocky going but we are getting there.

The only other thing I can think of besides a rather large blow up with my dear husband yesterday (egads!) Was that for the first time in my life I will now be able to wear dainty necklaces! I've had a mole on my neck since birth. It wasn't one of those yucky things. It was kinda light in color and not very noticable but necklaces would grab it and it really hurt! So.. I had it removed yesterday! I'm super excited even though I let the doc talk me into no lidocaine and her scissors were dull so it REALLY HURT! Now it's gone. Amazing!

perhaps I'll have more later


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