Saturday, October 2, 2010

Havah - Book Review

I downloaded Havah to read on the computer which is not my normal book reading/review habit. I always find it difficult to read through a book on my laptop instead of just picking up a book and carrying it whereever I go.

This book however was an exception! I have never read a book quite like this one. I could not "put it down" and found myself sitting in front of this bright screen late into the night and early into the mornings!

Havah is basically the story of Adam and Eve told from Eve's perspective. When I started reading the book I realized that we know very little of the day to day lives of this couple and even less about their lives after exile. While this story is certainly fiction, it does stick to the facts as well.

Havah is born from nothing into a paradise that we cannot even imagine. Her companion is there with her from the start to help teach her the ways of the "world." As Havah and "the adam" go through their daily lives living in communion with the animals and plant kingdom, their creator is always present. They live their lives feeling his presence and knowing that their every desire will come to pass.

The couples world comes crashing down in a second. One bad idea, one greedy thought, one moment of desire for something forbidden and they are chased from the garden.

Havah spends her entire life preparing for their return to the garden. Always in her mind and dreams is their return to Eden. She raises her children, teaches them skills, watches the weather and continues to put one foot in front of the other all with the promised return in mind.

Havah learns to live off of a land that is no longer at her command. The two must toil for food, they must build shelters, they must protect themselves not only from the elements but the very animals they use to commune with.

Havah, the adam and all of their children grow and learn through hundreds of years of trying to get things right and it all comes down to the moment of truth and the promise of a return to Heaven on Earth.

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