Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can you help too much?

I got to thinking about this question today (ignore country accent please.) Can you ever help too much? I'm thinking along the lines of helping others who are in need. We are called to help but to what extent?

When you see a beggar on the street, do you give him money/food etc?
When a friend is in need to you step in to offer assistance?

When is it enough or too much?

I have always considered myself a generous person for the most part. I don't need much and what I have isn't much use to me if I can't share it. Know what I mean?

Sometimes though you can enable someone to continue doing things that aren't good for them if you help too much. Is that a reason to stop? For example if you have a relative who is addicted to substances and you continually give them money.. aren't you supporting their habit? But, what if you give them food? Would that be different? Or would you still be supporting their habit because now they can take their "food money" and use it for drugs? Probably they wouldn't have bought food anyway but does that make sense?

I know that alot of children are staying at home long after graduations because of the economy now. But, how many of them are staying home because they don't want to get out there and work? I'm not judging I'm thinking of a conversation I had with someone last night. She has two very grown children who live at home. She's a single disabled mother and cannot afford to take care of everyone anymore. However, the grown children will not help with household finances etc. By letting them stay there isn't she enabling them? Or would it be awful to ask them to find other arrangements?

I recently extended a hand to help someone and it really backfired on me. After really searching my conscious I came to a horrible conclusion about myself in this situation. Yes I wanted to help.. but I wanted to help my way! I wanted to be the one helping. I wanted to do good but I was taking it all on myself instead of letting God handle the situation. I did not pray about it and didn't go to my Father with any of the situation before I opened my big mouth. And it backfired! Luckily I realized what I was doing before any damage was done.

I've learned a lesson this week.

I always think about things carefully before I respond. I don't just go "willy nilly" and say whatever I think. So, I need to take that focus and turn it to the Lord. I need to step back and talk with him and ask for his hand in whatever the situation is.

Lesson Learned!

So, my answer to this question today would be to follow the Lord in all that you do. Trust him to show you when to help and when to stay your hand. Trust that you will know when to act and when to remain still. I have to say, I often get a "feeling" about helping people. I've always believed that this is Gods whisper to me. I just have to remember to tune in so I don't miss it!


Penny said...

So very well said!!!

Now I'm curious where you're from - because I'm pretty "country" myself and can have an accent from my Texas roots when I want to... and I still say "willy nilly"!

Have a great iFellowship Day!

Amy said...

Great post! So much truth and honesty here!

Stopping by from ifellowship! Have a great day!

Thou Art Jules said...

Hey ladies! Nice to meet you!

Penny, I'm from rural Virginia :-)

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