Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The One Eyed Monster

So, how do you set your priorities? I mean you know what your priorities are in your mind but often times when you put life into action it looks quite different than the list in your head.

You know that God, husband and family are priorities. They are priority over everything else. BUT fastforward through the day and how long did I let the kids play video games so I could blog hop? How many times have I slept too late in the morning and couldn't make cinnamon toast because I stayed up too late trying to think of a new post or catch up on reading so I could get a review done on time? How many times have I neglected the house to check emails and watch the twitter feed go by?

Too many!

We often have such good intentions and somewhere along the way we get sidetracked. We get sidetracked from our duties. We get sidetracked from our callings. It doesn't take much does it? A little computer here or a good book there and before you know it the guilt sets in!

So, how do you balance your computer time?

I am home all day long. I have no excuse for not having a sparkling and inviting home. The saying is true that in my house if it's clean that means something is wrong with the computer! How do you combat it?

Do you set specific times that you allow yourself to be online? Do you only go online when your children are not home or are asleep?

I'm spending some time in prayer over this one because I know that I am here blogging for a reason and learning so much from others online. I also know that the guilt it causes is a sure sign that I am over indulging!


Rachel said...

So true!! Unfortunately priorities have to be constantly adjusted!! Hope you have a great iFellowship day! =)

Seams Inspired said...

Great post! I had to dramatically drop the number of blog hops I was doing. I do most of my computer time in the early morning before my family awakes. I will check email in the afternoon, though I'm beginning to do that less and less. Blogging can be an addiction, can't it? ;o) Visiting from Seeds of Faith. Happy iFellowship! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

Thou Art Jules said...

It's nice to meet you both! You are right, it can be very addictive!

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