Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wifey Wednesday - Did you marry a beast?

Wifey Wednesday is hosted each week by Sheila over at To Love Honor and Vacuum please join us!

This weeks topic is "Did you marry a Beast?"

I think this picture is perfect for where I'm about to go with this post :-)

I've posted many times in the past about our Men and how society is affecting them negatively with "male bashing." In this picture, Beauty is sitting so perfectly and Beast is looking rather silly. He almost looks uncomfortable in his own clothing, he looks sheepish and kinda silly.

What were the things that drew you to your mate in the first place?

For me, my husband was a friend in my late teens. He was a bad boy. He wore a lot of black and spent alot of time trying to appear "tough." He was cute and funny but I was scared of him! I was pregnant out of wedlock when I met my husband. I knew that my life was going drastically differently than I had planned ::lol:: I was convinced that finding a real relationship was going to be so hard and I suppose "baby daddy" was somewhere in the back of my mind.

I couldn't imagine this "boy" ever settling down, holding a steady job or being faithful much less being a father. I enjoyed his friendship and of course I loved the attention but wouldn't consider anything else.

Fast forward several years and a failed marriage and Kevin stepped back into the picture. We have been married for almost 14 years! We've had our problems just like everyone else. But... I judged him so wrongly then! He has supported me and he has supported 2 children that weren't biologically his own just as he would and does his own! We have a cozy home that we have lived in for almost 13 years.

Sometimes I notice that he still seeks attention and comes off as "tough" or irresponsible. Does it aggravate me? YES! But, I knew this when I married him.

One thing I have learned the hard way - Men prosper when they feel like MEN! Love your man, respect your man, let your man make decisions and he will blossom!

Do I roll my eyes sometimes when he is acting "tough" in front of his friends? Sadly, yes! But, is that what defines him? No.

Mission for today - Focus on the good things!
Look at your husband - really LOOK at him
Look for the positive - really LOOK for it
and tell him what you see!

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Penny said...

Happy iFellowship Day!

What drew me to my husband?! I love getting asked this question. My husband was the lead in a Christian band. He had really long hair and I've called him my rock star ever since I met him.

I used to dream about what it would be like for a rock star to write songs about me - and now I get to live that dream!

I know he loves it when I retell this story - even if just to him!

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