Tuesday, September 28, 2010

U Got 2 Love - Book Review

U Got 2 Love is a book written primarily for teenagers and young adults. The purpose of this book is the all time truth that in order to receive love you must love but then again in order to love you must be able to receive love as well. There would be several great uses for this book. It would be perfect for a reading group, a daily study or even just to flip through on any given day.

U Got 2 Love is a big gift in a small package. Fr. Stan has packed this little book full of related biblical passages and gems from the published works and speeches of everyone from Pope John Paul II to Lenin at the end of his life. The book is rather fast paced and I found myself wanting to jump ahead which is not always good because you miss valuable information. I found this to be a great book to read and re-read over and over again.

Fr. Stan tackles all forms of love from our Fathers love to romantic and even painful love. Love is not always patient and it certainly is not always kind but through the wisdom of these pages you can find your way traversing this sometimes confusing path of love.

I cannot say that this was an easy read for me because it certainly wasn't. However, sometimes the greatest lessons in life come from challenging tasks. The accent Fr. Stan chose to write with in this book is fun, charming and helps keep a smile on your face throughout! I still flip through the pages of this book and re-read the gems that are sprinkled throughout this book on almost every page.

You can purchase this book here.
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