Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm on Team Marriage!

Love them or hate them, they are here to stay! Marriage and Men that is!

I for one love them! Maybe not every moment of every day but in general for better or for worse I love them! I've posted many times in the last year or so about both topics. I have been on both sides of the debate and have come out with battle wounds on the other side.

I have been on the "what's in it for me" side. I have to honestly say that my time spent on that team was riddled with anxiety. I was angry alot, I was aggravated alot and it was generally unpleasant! I'm lucky that my marriage survived it.

Today I am on Team Marriage and Team Men! I feel so sad when I see commercials, TV shows, movies, books etc that degrade men. Yes, I know that there was a time that women were degraded. But, didn't we learn in school that two wrongs don't make a right? Degrading our men is hurting us. It is hurting our society, it is hurting our children, it is hurting our marriages and it is hurting our futures!

Marriages are becoming socially disposable and leaving hurt and ruin in their wake. Children are suffering and we are suffering for those choices.

We have a choice to make. Just like I tell my children. You can be the change that you want! You can wait for the other side to make a change but why? I saw a commercial once where someone tossed a piece of trash on the ground and hundreds of people walked right past it. Finally someone stopped and picked it up. Were they the one that tossed it? NO. Why did they pick it up? Because it needed to be picked up! Simple.

It's like in my own house. Someone knocks a book off of the TV table... Who knows who did it. It could've been big sister... it could have been little brother... it could have been the dog. Regardless.. someone needs to pick it up! Go ahead! Pick it up for heavens sake!

I chose to be the change I want to see today. I chose to make sure my husbands clothes are ready for work. I even went an extra step and laid out his pants, shirt and socks for him. Why? He works hard every day to bring in the money that our family needs to survive. He works way too many hours and still gets up and goes back every morning. And... because my laundry room is a disaster and it just didn't seem fair to make him navigate the mess to find them! The great thing is.. if I want a soda from the store at 11pm, he will go get me one! If I want him to scratch my back.. he will scratch it! Has it always been this way? No. Will it always be this way? Who knows. But, I'm all in because it takes "all in" to really get it!

Go Team Marriage!

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Homemaker Honey said...

Let's here it for marriage and our men!

You go, girl!

Homemaker Honey

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