Thursday, June 10, 2010

WWE Wrestling - in my front yard?

This was similar to the spectacle you would have seen in my front yard this afternoon!

It has been a long school year and a long week of getting settled in to a summer routine. My having been sick for most of the week probably didn't help anything. Add into the mix a bit of teen hormones, preteen hormones and a friend who had stayed one too many nights and you have a recipe for disaster at the Dixon house!

I've felt horrible all week. Today I was feeling much better. Not better enough to really go anywhere but functional. The kids wanted to go swimming. I wanted to take them swimming but the thought of swimming with my still clogged ears, stuffy nose and headache made me wary. I talked them into waiting until this afternoon when we could go swim at my mother in laws apartment pool (free!)

We've had a friend of theirs staying over for several nights. Her parents have just separated and we love her like family. However.... it seems when you keep someone too long it really causes trouble!

We were loading up the Jeep and the next thing I know my son (12) and daughter (15) are pushing each other in the driveway! I have never seen my children do anything like this physically! Then there is sunblock squirting all over the place. I finally get them separated and then BAM they are at it again rolling around in the front yard!

Needless to say... our friend went home and we had some quiet time before discussing what they each could've done differently to avoid such an escalation to this confrontation. We had a long talk about family and cleared the air between the two of them.

I've realized a few things today.

1. Being a sick Momma is tough on the kids sometimes
2. Friends are great in small doses
3. I need to pay more attention to the discussions going on around me
4. We need to plan some activities like the library and more pool trips PRONTO
5. We need to spend some quality family time with no visitors

We are going to get a good nights sleep and start over with a fresh slate now and Lord willing we will do it without a stuffy head!

God Bless!

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