Monday, June 7, 2010

I have to share this!

I am suffering with allergies and sinuses so bad right now that I can barely talk. However... I made the rounds in the yard today! Look what I found :-)

This cherry tree was transplanted as a baby from our old cherry tree that has been here for years. This baby is just a few years old and already producing the sweetest dark cherries you've ever tasted!!

And then this surprise that met me yesterday morning!

Kevin bought me these Calla Lillies about 15 years ago for Mothers Day. We were visiting my Grandmother near the beach and he was doing some repairs on her house. He picked them up at Home Depot. They were about 5 inches tall and in a tiny little pot. Now we have dozens of them that line the flower bed across the entire front of the house!

I have treasured these flowers and the memories of my Grandmother and of course the sweetness of my husband for years. Price of the pot of flowers = probably about $5.00 then. Price of the joy they have brought me over the years = PRICELESS!


Mary333 said...

I'm jealous. Not about the allergies...about the cherry tree :) Love them! I hope you feel better soon!

Katie said...

Yay for cherries! Mine are ripe, time to make pie and preserves :D

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