Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wifey Wednesday 6/09 - AKA Dirty Socks

I always look forward to Wednesdays since I found Sheila's blog! This week over at TLHV Sheila is talking about times when we blow it. Meaning, when we wives mess up big time! Now she's talking heavy duty stuff over there today. I'm going to keep it a little lighter!

I have come a long way baby! A long way from denial, perfection and "divahood.' I owe much of this to the wonderful community of Christian blogging women out there! Of course we can't forget a big shout out to the Big Guy upstairs! I know without a doubt that our Father brought me here, brought me these women and perhaps even brought me to someone as well. All of this working and weaving together into a big beautiful tapestry. I'm so glad HE knows what HE's doing!

I was a twit. I am surprised that my mother in law didn't try to kill me and hide my body somewhere! I really didn't know what I was doing when I married her son. I doubt he knew what he was doing when he married me either! He has stood by me through thick and thin, through career changes, mood changes, bouts of feminism and then some!

 There was once a time (long long ago) when I refused to wash my husbands socks if they were inside out! Can you believe that!? I am completely serious. I really don't like feet. I really didn't like sticking my hands inside of his dirty old construction wearing socks. Believe it or not... he's still here!

I really think he's so much better at this than I am. He definitely took our vows much more seriously than I did for a while. But, I'm learning.

I have started to learn a little something about humility

I have started to learn a little something about being a help mate

I am learning to put my priorities in order

In doing this I'm learning to say "I'm sorry."

I've been praying alot! Lord, guide my thoughts, words and deeds this day! I need all the help I can get!

1. Admit you have a problem/made a mistake
2. Pray for help and guidance (it never hurts to pray to understand why you did what you did!)
3. Pray for your husband!
4. Apologize. Genuinely, sincerely and without justification!

Simple, I know! Probably not enough advice for the big "I blew it's" but I'm getting there. Lord willing!

Thanks Ladies!

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