Monday, April 12, 2010

The Gospel of Mark pt. 1

Since RCIA class yesterday I have started reading the Gospel of Mark. So far I've learned that it is most likely the oldest gospel, it is the shortest but yet holds the most details of Jesus' ministry. I'm trying to keep notes as I go along. I've read about 4 chapters so far. Most of these about Jesus performing miracles of one kind or another. Amazing ones at that! I've always wondered why he told the demonic spirits not to tell anyone who he was. Now I understand! But I always wondered about that before. It didn't make much sense.

I've also read some of the parables so far. My favorite has always been the Mustard Seed. Of course I didn't know most of the other ones. It also confuses me why Jesus renames some people. That is completely foreign to me but someday I may understand :-)

It is amazing how these disciples dropped what they were doing and followed Jesus. It truly must have been the Holy Spirit! I cannot imagine someone coming along while I'm raking the yard and saying "Come, follow me" and me actually doing it! I'd probably sneak into the house thinking they were a tad bit crazy. I'm going to try to write my thoughts as I go along not only so I can get it out but so that at some point I can come back and look because I know my thoughts, feelings and understanding will continue to deepen. It will probably be like finding an old kindergarten photo that you drew!

But I will start doing this after I read and not the next day :-)


Karinann said...

I don't always comment, but I love reading about your RCIA experience. It reminds me of my own return to my faith. I was born and raised Catholic but left for many years. I came back almost 8 years ago and in the beginning there was a lot of re-learning.
As for the Apostles dropping everything, I don't think we are that different. Jesus has called each one of us in His own way- only difference, He didn't appear in His humanity to do it for us.
When I returned it was 2002 at the height of the clergy sexual abuse crisis. It would have been the perfect excuse for me not to return. At the time it felt like I dropped everything and followed. So glad I did!
Enjoy the rest of Mark's Gospel!

Thou Art Jules said...

Thank you Karinann! I can't wait to read back over all of this in say 5 years!

I suppose I'm looking at the situation with blinders on and you are so right! I did drop everything!

Anonymous said...

Very nice reflection on Mark. Keeping notes while reading scripture is something I find very worthwhile; it is kind of what I do with my blog....blessings.

Barbara said...

Regarding re-naming - when God created Adam, He gave him dominion over the animals and charged Adam with naming them. The biblical meaning of naming something is that you have power over that which you have named, and the name actually has a meaning such as Simon being named "Petrus" or "Kephas" (rock). When we call upon Jesus by name, we acknowledge His power to help us. St. Paul tells us that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bend and every head shall bow. A name has special power which is why we are not allowed to take the name of God in vain. There's more to this but that's all I can remember without researching it. The Catholic Church recommends we give our children saints' names because it gives us a powerful intercessor to invoke. OK, that's it. I promise.

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