Saturday, February 13, 2010

you silly birds!

I've noticed the poor birdies all swarming any random spots of grass that have been shoveled or gathering on snow piles looking for food. I feel sorry for them so I picked up a big bag of bird seed. I tossed it out.. but they aren't coming. I think to myself "you silly birds.. why are you pecking the soaking wet little spot of grass beside the road out back when there is delicious and yummy and good for you bird seed right here..." hmmm... don't we do this! We have the best life awaiting us. We have been provided with the tools we need for eternal life and yet we often get sidetracked and end up pecking at the soggy little spot of grass in the wrong place.

I am now in search of a St. Francis bird feeder. I have found some really nice ones online like the one pictured above. I'm going to keep looking but this one is so beautiful.. it might just be the one! I just need to put it in a place that I can get to easily if we end up with another 2 feet of snow!

Today is laundry day. Not because I do laundry every Saturday.. but because I've fallen behind and it's a matter of doing laundry or being overcome with it! 

Back to church tomorrow. I just realized I haven't been in 3 full weeks... I miss it, miss my class and can't wait to get back. This is the first weekend in a long time that the snow and icy roads wont force us to stay in.

I'm planning a contest. I see others doing them and I think I wanna give it a try!

1 comment:

RAnn said...

Nice analogy with the birds. Contests can be fun, and draw readers.

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