Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yes, coffee is my mistress lately! I'm not getting enough sleep thanks to being obsessive about putting together a stupid puzzle! The kids are out of school again today but luckily we only got a couple inches of snow and not the 6-12 that they were originally calling for.

I was just reading around in blog world and can't help but notice some blogs that I see as being really positive, thought provoking and interesting have so many commenters that are negative and almost bashing. I think it must be the work of Satan tossing tomatoes at those who are on the right track. It seems awfully trying to me. I give kudos to the writers who keep on writing. I have to wonder if I wouldn't be tempted to just go private or something. hmmm... something to ponder today besides interlocking pieces! :-) I do think I'm starting to go a little crazy in this house!

So, no Mass in two weeks. I think I've mentioned that before. No classes... I think I'm having withdrawls. I did read in the online version of our church newsletter that one of my favorite ladies is doing a lenten bible study. It will be on Tuesday mornings. I'm definitely signing up for that! It seems like right now in the beginning I need to surround myself with knowledge and people of like mind. I realize that it is because I am afraid I will fall off the wagon. I'm afraid that I will stop going to church, forget this journey. Silly? I don't think so - people do it every day. Question is will all of this help? Who knows. I think it's probably something that everyone struggles with from time to time. I don't feel myself slipping away I am trying to prevent it in the future lol

I am so grateful!

for French Vanilla creamer
for yeast to make homemade breadsticks and marinara
for the ability to cook for my family
for my husbands job
this year... for the IRS (Thanks be to GOD!)
for VDOT and all those guys out there plowing our streets (imagine some countries do not have the ability to do this)
for my parents
for the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit.. help my unbelief!)
for the basic necessities that we take for granted each day


Mary B said...

Just found your blog. Mary333 referenced it in a comment she left on my blog. Nice the coffee picture! You must be on the east coast somewhere with all the snow. I am done with is pretty, but a little too much for me this year. Have a blessed day and I look forward to visiting again.

Thou Art Jules said...

lol shame on you Mary333! I most certainly did not pray for the snow but I do giggle when it comes. Mainly this is because I don't have to go anywhere in it so it's not nearly as bothersome to me as others :-) I do make the best of it even if that involves putting food coloring in a spray bottle and making blue smiley faces.

Nice to meet you Mary B!

Colleen said...

That picture of coffee does make me want some!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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