Saturday, February 20, 2010

On the 3rd day of Lent

What an exciting day and evening! First I did very well with the no meat rule! I was awful lazy most of the day but am getting ready to start a new Living Room project. I'm going to fix it up like I did the dining room..
To do this I will need to swap the Living Room and the Dining Room. The project will generate a lot of drywall dust which would be virtually impossible to get out of the sofas much less the TV etc. So, I'll move all the Living Room furniture into the Dining room and vice versa. 

We went to Stations of the Cross this evening. It was very interesting! Fr. Burt, a helper and the servers walked to each station and read a story basically about the event pictured. There was a response, a prayer and my favorite part was the little songs at the end of each station that led into the next one. It was also interesting trying to explain this to my Mother later. I'm so glad we went. I love to experience new things on this journey.

After that the Knights of Columbus had a fish fry. We had the fish and shrimp. Shrimp left a little to be desired but all in all it was a nice night. My sponsor and her husband (our RCIA leader) joined us for the entire evening.

I finally got my new laptop cord which will make it easier to post and basically do everything that I do online! I also got 2 new books to review. It's been a blessed day! 


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

So you gave up meat for Lent? (Or just Lent Fridays?) I gave up red meat last year for Lent and the strangest thing happened. I unlearned to like the taste of meat. I have not eaten it since, and I feel physically a lot better. (Helps with cholesterol and weight loss, too.) Good luck with that and with your living room project.

Thou Art Jules said...

I have just given up meat for Fridays this year. I've thought of lots of ways to make this tougher but am afraid of overdoing it my first year.. Does that make sense?

Great thing is I'm learning so much and experiencing so many new things!

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