Friday, February 19, 2010

midnight musing

First let me say that I really love this shirt and want to get one! Second, it wasn't until after uploading it that it dawned on me that it is a male model wearing the shirt.. I wonder if they get paid extra?

Anyway, my husband surprised me tonight by saying he wants to go to Stations of the Cross tomorrow and then the fish fry at church! (screeching tire sound...) what!? Wow. So, I talked with my sponsor. Her and her husband are going to meet us there. I've never been so of course I'm excited!

I haven't felt good most of the day. I think I'm fighting off something or trying to catch something. Plus my jaw hurts... whatever this is, it is making me really tired. I took two naps today! TWO! Mom said she had something like this last weekend and it goes away after a few days without ever getting really "sick."

We ran out to the store earlier and saw an old friend from baseball season. He said they are calling for 10 inches of snow Monday! I haven't heard that on the news yet but it makes me wonder if I should shovel off the porch roof! I don't know how much more it can hold.

I placed my first order online since the start of this RCIA journey. I tried to get it as a review and that didn't work out but I wanted it so badly! So.. I ordered Gargoyle Code by Fr. Longenecker. I've tried really hard to stay away from the other bloggers reviews for it because sometimes a review gives too much away :-) So, I'm excited about that as well!

Oh and my new power cord for the laptop should be here tomorrow. Happy days! I can't wait. I don't get on as much with the desktop because it annoys me.. 

I am so grateful!

that I even have the ability to own a computer (and need to quit my whining!)
for my husband for better or for worse
for my sponsor and her husband
for my children, their health, creativity and intelligence! I am so blessed
that I got a letter from the tribunal today! The process is officially started
for downy balls :-)
for K of C fish fry Friday
for Fr. Burt
for Our Lady
and for her son


Katie said...

That's awesome that your husband wants to come to the stations with you! I love doing the stations of the cross :)

Sarah - Kala said...

I'm glad your husband wants to go. Hurrah! God is good!!
I also ordered the same book. If it's anything like C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters (loved it!), I know I'll like it.

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