Friday, January 1, 2010

Mother of God

Can you imagine?! I cannot even fathom Mary's situation. I have tried although perhaps not enough to imagine myself in Mary's shoes. Unbelievable faith, strength, fortitude!

However in reading and learning more about this Holy Day of Obligation it got me to thinking (as I'm want to do!)

In some ways we are all a lot like Mary. Not exactly as she and her nature are far more supreme than mine! But each of us who have children, care for children, or even know a child are Mothers of the Children of God. Not God himself per say but Children of God for sure. Is that not a huge thing!? I mean we are tasked with raising these Children of God himself, loving them, teaching them, supporting them. When put in this light it makes my brain click on. I have to do some creative thinking sometimes to get it :-) What an honor we have! A bit scary perhaps, daunting maybe but thrilling at the same time.


On to more mundane things of interest. We rang in the New Year last night. Brandon and I watched the ball drop, Casey was out with friends, Kevin had to work and Katelin decided that this year she wanted to light candles in the bathroom and take a bath while listening to her favorite CD to ring in the New Year. She is growing up!

Kevin and Casey got in pretty late but safe and sound. I woke this morning and immediately stepped on the scales. I definitely need to work on this weight gain issue. I am up exactly 20 lbs since September. That's no good for my health, bloodpressure or my self respect lol.

I am ready for a fresh start! I also found a program to get my new medication completely free for one whole year. Thanks be to God!

I am so grateful today for so many things!
For my family all of them!
for my Father in Heaven
For my home
lights and heat
a warm waterbed!
my church, pastors and teachers
fuzzy pajamas
snow that lingers
mail delivery
premade pizza crust
and goodness the internet!

I said no resolutions!
but why not! I can look back next year and at the least it will be interesting!
1. To create at least one set prayer time each day, to make it a habit and a respite
2. To continue to learn and study my faith
3. To be more present for my loved ones
4. To get back on plan with my weight loss. Since I've gained so much back I now actually have 52 lbs to lose if I want to get to the original goal I set in 2007... At this point I'm taking it slow but definitely want to get at least back to my low weight through all of this which would be a loss of 30 lbs (yep I was 20 lbs from goal!)
5. To get more involved with my church
6. To plan a family dinner twice each month and stick to it

What about you guys!? Any thoughts to share about Mary, Mother of God?
What about your resolutions?

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