Saturday, January 2, 2010

You have not chosen me

Well, how wrong I have been. Granted I know.. I know!

One of todays scriptures is Jn 15:16
You have not chosen me; I have chosen you. Go and bear fruit that will last.

I know this verse and understand it. Still sometimes I catch myself thinking I am making the choices here! lol

I chose the Catholic Church? No, more like it chose me :-)

I miss my Daily Visitor but am making due with what I have.

My Aunt Lorraine bought me a great devotional book for my birthday called Jesus Calling. I really like it. Todays reading is about Relaxing in the Lords healing presence. It talks about spending time in HIS presence. This is something I know I need to do. I've been praying about it and working on a plan that I will stick to. Problem is I'm not acting on it. I will fix that immediately!


Not much going on around here today. I'm still working on the attic. We have pretty much been hibernating since the wind chill was about 4 degrees most of the day! Casey had to work, Katelin had a birthday party, Brandon played video games and Kevin worked for a while.

I made stew with deer meat. I have never cooked with deer before this week. It tasted just like beef stew! I made some rice to go with it and have already had seconds. I've really been in a cooking mood. I had to freeze another deer roast and tenderloin because there is no way we can eat it all right now.

I am so grateful!

for reading materials
for space heaters
for blogspot
for my husband who washes my back
for my childrens laughter
for my animals playful natures
for my Daddy who should be coming for dinner tomorrow
for the Lord helping me understand his teachings
for diet soda
for crock pots
for smell good hand lotions

I guess that's all for today. I am trying very hard to remember to blog daily and to make sure I am posting some positive information. So far so good I think.

I don't think we have RCIA class tomorrow. I miss it when we don't have classes!


Sr. Ann Marie said...

You're the second person I've heard speak about the book Jesus Calling. Think I'll have to check it out!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Just dropping in to wish you a happy new year!

Thou Art Jules said...

Sr. Ann Marie, it is a really nice book. It's good for a quick devotion and is hard back so it should last years and years!

Elizabeth, Happy New Year!

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