Saturday, January 16, 2010

I believe

I absolutely LOVE this picture. I was searching around for a good picture for today's post and finally settled on this one that came up in an image search on yahoo under "hope." Today has been a much better day than yesterday! I have been able to get out of my head a little. I was completely stuck in my head yesterday and that's not always pleasant! lol

Katelin had a track meet today that wen't pretty well. Brandon had a basketball game. They lost but not as bad as last week :-) Kevin ended up working a double but his second shift is waiting tables which means cash tonight! Casey is having a bad day but I don't know why. She stopped by with Mom and Joann (my brothers girlfriend) to get some clothes so she can go to church with them in the morning. She just didn't look good. Kinda sad and maybe even apathetic. She said it's just one of those days but the look on her face was just heartbreaking!

I feel like I am so busy dealing with my emotional issues that some days I barely have time for life. Does anyone else have days like that? Some days I get down and think I'm never going to get out of this hole. But, deep down I know that when I come out on the other side of this it is going to be for a wonderful purpose! I know that this struggle (which is nothing compared to what so many others are dealing with) is going to be for something better. Maybe I finally needed to get myself straight after 36 years! lol

I really believe with all my heart that there is a purpose for this that I may not even be able to understand yet. I have to tell you, that makes it so much easier to deal with. I am learning to be joyful even when I don't feel happy.

I am so grateful

for my parents
for healthy children
for learning experiences
for challenging situations because you learn so much from them
for my husband who is trying so hard
for the publishing industry
for the unbelievable response that we have seen to aid Haiti
for our Parish staff
for all Priests across the globe
for Christ who suffered so that we could have everlasting life


Mary333 said...

God brings good out of everything if we trust Him.
The picture is gorgeous!

Anne said...

Beautiful picture-breathtaking! Wouldn't you love to see that in real life?

RAnn said...

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Colleen said...

I love the picture too! Thanks for following me. By the way, St. Katharine Drexel is the church I belong to!

Thou Art Jules said...

Thank you all! I would definitely love to see this in person :-)

Colleen, I am just starting to learn about her. Her life is extraordinary!

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