Monday, January 18, 2010


Great topic for this weeks RCIA. Prayer! Unfortunately we didn't get any handouts so I'm going to email the lady who got it all together in powerpoint and ask for a copy :-) I love to go back and read over the material we covered. It also helps me remember and put it here so I can go back and look at what I thought.

It's great because I'm also reading a book on prayer. I often multi-task my reading. I keep one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom lol. So we talked about the basics of prayer in RCIA and the communion involved. I took a few notes. Sometimes they are hard to decipher after the fact. One note I have is Know - Listen - Desire. I am assuming now thinking back that you must need to know that someone is out there listening to you. That you will be heard. You must listen for your answer, advice or some knowledge on the situation. Plus, you need the desire. Desire for what? To be heard? Desire for what you are asking? hmmm.. lol

I also made a note when she was talking about God creating man. She asked us if we humans are like balloons... That God blew life into us. So with death, does the outer shell fall away and the spirit rise up? I thought that was an interesting visual.

She also kind of reprimanded us for not reading the Bible enough. She would ask about stories from the Bible and many of us didn't know them, didn't feel comfortable answering or couldn't remember. It's been a long time since I really dug in to the Bible. I tried a few months ago and it seems like such a huge task. I feel like I'm trying to stuff so much information into my brain and heart that there isn't enough time in the day. So to refresh myself and get started I have removed Brandons Children Bible from the shelf.. Is that lame? lol

Oh! We do not go to Roanoke for the Rite of Acceptance (I think that's what it's called) because it turns out that our names are already in the book and signed by the Bishop from 2006! So, we've been candidates for 4 years! haha


Brandon did not want to go to CCD yesterday and after throwing a fit he did go. He got spoiled over the Holidays and then I let him go to my class once so now he wants to go to my class all the time. I think he had an OK time once he went though. Katelin appeared to be being tortured through the entire RCIA class. You would think that someone was poking her with a needle the whole time. I told her she could at least appear pleasant! It's not all that bad!
Kevin didn't go with us this week (I keep inviting him every Sunday) but he did have lunch ready when we got home which was awesome! Our Parish is having a chili cookoff and a movie the 29th that he wants to participate in! Best part - the movie is The 13th Day! I want to see this so bad and just couldn't afford to order it :-D Plus he will get to meet some of my new friends :-)

I am so grateful!

for reading materials again
for my teachers in RCIA
for beautiful music at Mass
for incense!
for cushioned kneelers
for our Priest and Priests everywhere
for chili
for my husbands homemade pizza
for the blessed Trinity

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