Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting ready

It has been so extremely cold here! This is a picture of the lake near our city park. I took Brandon to his basketball game today and for the first time saw it almost completely frozen over. We got about an inch of snow the other night which is still laying on the ice. You can see the Canadian Geese walking across the lake. I've been told years ago you could ice skate here but there is a sign now that says you cannot.

I've been ironing clothes tonight. I should do this every Saturday night. We are getting ready for tomorrows Rite of Acceptance (?) that Brandon will be taking part in. It is being done at the 8:30 Mass. We have to meet at 8:00 in our RCIA classroom. I'm not looking forward to getting up. I don't know why.. I get up earlier during the week. I guess I'm being lazy.

I picked up some books from the church library the other day. I've started to read one about prayer. I tell you, sometimes I feel like I should be in a kindergarten class! You would never know I went to church with my Mother for years. It was off and on but apparently I didn't pay a whole lot of attention.

Brandon's game didn't go well. They lost 39 - 20. We have a youth group called The KLUB at church. Brandon went to that Friday night. He really enjoyed himself. There were only 2 other kids there but I think he's making friends. At the game today he pointed out at least 4 kids he saw there from church. Katelin wanted to know if she could go to church with her friend tomorrow. I was surprised. She said it would be better with someone she knows. So, I'm trying to help her cultivate some friendships at our own church. Kevin worked much of the day today and is working on a side job too. So he was a little late getting home. I made the most delicious venison steak and fried potato's. Potato probably was not the best idea. I weigh myself tomorrow to see if I've managed to drop any weight. Seeing how I haven't done any exercise this week probably not.

So, tomorrow is the Rite of Acceptance (I think that's what it's called) and RCIA is on baptism. I think I'll take Brandon with me to my class instead of CCD so he can learn more about baptism. Then we are having a family dinner here around 4. We are trying to do this every other Sunday alternating houses. We are worried about Dad. He doesn't seem to be doing too good. So.. we are going to make time to spend together. Two Sundays from now we will have dinner at his house so we can all pitch in to help clean out his basement for him.

I guess that's about it for tonight

I am so grateful!

for my family
for spices
for books that make you think and teach you something along the way!
for sporting events that don't let you get out of socializing
for our Heavenly Father

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