Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This week in RCIA

We discussed baptism. I have to honestly say that the class didn't reel me in lol. I know that happens sometimes. I don't know if it was me because we got up early for the 8:30 Mass or if our teacher was having an off day.

Here are some things that we learned

Baptism regenerates a person as a child of God. It forgives original and all personal sin and fills the soul with grace. It confers the virtues of faith, hope and love.

We discussed new starts. Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, the Covenant with Abraham, Exodus from Egypt through water etc.

I am going to do some supplemental reading this week. I had taken Brandon to my class because he will be baptised soon. I think I'll try to find some childrens books on baptism for him to make sure he understands.


Last week was the longest week ever. It seems like so much is going wrong.

Brandon participated in the Rite of Acceptance (I think that's what it is called!)

That's him to the far left with the too long hair! It was pretty awesome and he felt very good afterwards.

Katelin and I had another meltdown yesterday. It wasn't her fault. It all started with me trying to get contact information from her father (my ex) for the annulment. Needless to say, he wont give it to me. I think he is worried about the child support (he sound be) but that's not what this is about. I told him he could call the church and give it to the Deacon. He gave me an address in the states where I guess someone is then forwarding it on to where he is in Canada. He then told me he didn't want to get anything from the Catholic Church... I took it all as a sort of negative attack on my faith decision (attack is too harsh but the only word I can think of) and he was very interested in whether or not Katelin was joining too. Of course she isn't... it made me so angry and that tainted my conversation with her later. I just keep praying! I also offered up my suffering for her conversion!!!! wow.

This has all actually had a very good side effect. I always say that everything happens for a reason. But, yesterday my husband came home at the tail end of the arguement with my daughter and I just broke down and cried. He held me for several minutes while I just balled my eyes out. I asked him how something that is suppose to be positive can cause so much negative stuff around here. But I realized later that my reaction shows me how much I have grown in my faith! I cannot imagine getting that emotionally upset over religion a year ago. My heart was breaking last night! Thanks be to God!!! lol

My oldest has been at the house for the last week. She seems to be doing well. Working lots but definitely getting back on her feet after the breakup. She is respecting herself! Praise the Lord!

Hubby got a raise and a side job!

I filled out the paperwork to get my other medication for free for a year too. This takes alot of worry off my shoulders. I am seeing HIS work everywhere!

Tonight is RCIC for the kids. I pray that we can get through it with no meltdowns!

I am so grateful

for religious books
for religious websites
for the ability to continue learning and searching
for LOVE
for diamonds in the rough
for bacon...
for my family
for the Holy Family


Therese said...

Good for you-hold strong to that faith! Although I am a Catholic since infancy, I could give you a ton of examples of Satan trying to worm his way in...I am praying for all of you!

Thou Art Jules said...

I am really enjoying the growth of this journey and appreciate so much your comments! Though there are some really tough moments I am finding more and more the ability to see the silver lining. That is a wonderful thing!

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