Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Children learning

Last night was our bi-weekly RCIC class. I've read that it's not really called that but that's what everyone calls it... I love going to these classes with the kids because I learn so much with them! Everything is presented on a different level than during our RCIA classes. It's very basic and fun :-) Very easy to digest and then later perhaps dig deeper into.

We always eat first which is great because every other Tuesday I can look forward to no cooking! Last night we had hotdogs, mac n cheese and chips. Delicious! We also had an over abundance of children! The last class had 2 kids, the one before maybe 4 and I think the most ever was 7. Last night there were over a dozen kids! I asked Rob "who opened the gates!?" he naturally replied "The Holy Spirit!"

So we talked about Confession or I suppose Reconciliation is what it is suppose to be called now. This is a great topic for me! Anyone who is not raised Catholic truly cannot understand this (I don't think) until you actually do it. I have not obviously! So, it is something I am very curious about. I get it. I mean it makes complete sense I just don't relate because I haven't been there. I am really looking forward to it!

Becky the teacher gives such great examples that are so easy for the kids to understand about why confession is such a natural thing that makes complete sense. I had a few questions so I caught Rob in the back of the class. I've always wondered... The Priest is bound by church law not to reveal what he hears in confession. So they were explaining to the children that they don't need to be afraid that he will tell their parents etc. But I wondered... as part of your penance will he ever require you to tell? You know like the teenager steals Moms car. She doesn't get caught and everything is ok but she feels guilty. Would he ever require her to tell Mom what she did? Rob says he's never had that happen but anything is possible right?

Also I asked "Does he ever say no?" like no you aren't forgiven? Again Rob says he's never had that happen but yes it can. I was like... is that for the really bad stuff? lol... He says it's more likely if Father doesn't really think you are truly sorry.

What say you all?

I spent some time after class talking to Rob about Adoration. Semantics mostly but I'm one of those people that really wont try something until I think I know how... Silly yes! So since it's something I've been curious about for quite some time and a commenter suggested it as well it's probably something I need to get moving on!

This is turning into a much longer post than I anticipated!

The lady that I had asked to be Katelins sponsor was there tonight. I needed to tell her that Katelin was not joining this year. We talked briefly and then she asked Katelin to sit down. She told her the story of her leaving the church as a teen and coming back as an adult. She asked Katelin to come to Mass with an open mind and actually listen to what was being said and pay attention to how it makes her feel. She encouraged her to ask any questions and reminded her that doing things you don't necessarily want to do can be affected by your attitude. Rob also talked to her and let her know that he and his wife were available for questions. That it was like joining a big family (that's how I feel!) and that we are just trying to help her make the best decision for her life. Not just with church but also school etc. He also told her that if she has a change of heart in the next month that she could still join with us. Everyone made sure that she knows they aren't pushing her because they know that only makes things worse. They are just there and it never hurts to have support.


Not too much going on at the homefront right now. I'm crocheting a blanket, Kevin is working, Brandon has basketball practice today, Katelin is only at school 1/2 the day today because she is exempt from her 2nd exam for having such good grades in the class! She doesn't have to go tomorrow at all because she is exempt from both of those for having such good grades. Casey's ex boyfriend came by last night to talk to her. She didn't look upset when she came back in but she didn't want to talk either so who knows!

I am so grateful!

for our parish teachers!
for the children
for great inspirational books to read
for my legs (I was thinking about this last night and I though I bet you don't really know how to appreciate your legs unless you lose them!) I cannot imagine...
for my hardworking husband
for tax refunds
for the Holy Spirit

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Katie said...

I don't think a priest could *require* you to confess your sin to someone else, though he might encourage you.

Confession is a really beautiful sacrament!

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