Sunday, December 27, 2009

Make-up post

Lots to post today... should I do one long post or several short ones? lol

1. is Jude who is growing by leaps and bounds playing in the snow we got last weekend. It's still here!
2. is the igloo we made in the front yard. We almost finished it! Then the rains came and sunk it to the ground. It's still there just not standing!
3. is the road at the park here that never quite got plowed right.

It's been a crazy week! I feel like once again we missed the true meaning of it all by getting caught up in time crunches, visiting relatives, cooking, cleaning ect.

We have an annual Christmas Eve party. It's more like a buffet and some years it's a housefull and some years it's just a few close family members. Due to the threat of freezing rain this year it was just my side of the family and a neighborhood kid. We had lots of fun tho! We sang karaoke, ate, sang Christmas Carols, ate, told stories and generally had a nice time!

The kids went to bed and hubby and I got ready for Midnight Mass. He went to warm the car up and found it stuck in the driveway. We finally gave up and took the Jeep just in time to get there "on time" to find no seats and standing room only. I know better.. really! That's why we were originally leaving early. Of course it was beautiful, magical and everything I expected as always :-)

Christmas morning was a whirlwind of opening presents and heading to Grandmothers house for breakfast and more presents! This is when the freezing rain came. Grandma's apartment house had not plowed sidewalks or salted their parking lot so it was a solid sheet of ice. I watched a long haired hippy boy really bite the dust getting to his van... We were afraid to go home!

Finally made it home slipping and sliding all the way. Took our annual nap and headed out to the other Grandmothers house for dinner and more presents. Dinner was fabulous! Family was fun and then back home for a long winters nap. I felt like I could sleep for 3 days straight! The kids made out like bandits! Fun was had by all.

Brandon is now having an allergic reaction to something with hives on his face and chest. We have no idea what is causing it so we're treating it with benadryl since it's not severe and praying for the best. Casey my oldest got her drivers license today. She paid for the class all by herself and is now working on getting her first car. Katelin is happy with a new guitar and tons of new clothes.

So, the Jesse tree never got finished.. we were so sidetracked on Christmas Eve that we never read any of our books and stories. I've really got to plan this better next year!

I had started a second blog for more personal things but you know what I decided today. If someone I know somewhere wants to take the personal things on this blog and exploit them.. more power to them. This is me and there is no sense in having this blog if I can't be me in it. So it's all or nothing :-0

I like having it, I like sharing with others, I like reading other peoples blogs and learning so much this way. I'm not perfect but I'm always working on being a better person and learning new things. I think I'll go work on a post about what I'm thankful for this year while I'm thinking about it lol

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Sarah - Kala said...

I like this attitude, because I feel the same way. I believe, actually, that it's better to be who I am on my blog. I'm a serious Catholic, standing in front of the world, asking the world to let me love the world right where it's at. 'Cos God said so!

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