Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holy Family

I still don't know all the terminology so forgive me (or better yet, correct me!)

We had a visiting priest this evening for Mass. I wish he had hung around so I could've gotten his name. I like to know who people are and where they come from. Instead of remembering "so and so who had that great homily!"

Tonight was our last 5pm Sunday Mass. The priest who does our 5pm Mass had to go back to the Phillipines... I don't know if we will eventually get them back or not. I love them though. I love the songs and the homilies! Tonight of course we heard about the Holy Family. Specifically about the time that Jesus remained at the temple and Mary and Joseph returned to look for him.

Father was reminding us that our children are first and foremost Gods children. That he has planted seeds in them that we don't know what they are. How we have to nuture them without ressuring them into a mold of what we want. I was very impressed and enlightened! I will miss this service :-(

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