Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I completely forgot that we had an RCIC class this week! I wouldn't have thought we would since CCD and RCIA have been out for the holidays. I helped my daughter Katie make plans with a friend and then later got the email reminding me about the class and the taco meat I was suppose to bring! I went ahead and let Katie go with her friend since we had made all the plans with her Mom too. So, it was just me and Brandon.

The snow here is ridiculous! We got about 30 inches of snow on Friday and Saturday. There is no parking downtown whatsoever so I had Kevin drive us and drop us off in the road lol.

We talked about corporal acts of mercy last night. The kids talked about ways they do and can practice them. It was nice. However only two children showed up. Mine and the teachers daughter. That was kind of disappointing that nobody let us know. However, that did leave me with enough taco leftovers to feed the entire family plus one!

I learned that the Rite of Acceptance is for the unbaptised that are joining the church. That's cleared up for me now. So, the kids will be doing that on January 10th.

I have a few questions for those of you who read my blog :-)

1. We do not have the option of just doing baptism for the kids. It's an all or nothing deal. Baptism, confirmation, first communion the whole nine yards. Now, I was under the impression that confirmation was a big deal and only done of your own free will... I guess my question simply is. My 15 year old still doesn't really want to do this. Should I keep going through the motions and praying that she changes her mind or should I basically "force" her? I don't feel right "making" her but from what I understand this use to be done at much younger ages when it wouldn't have been such a big deal.... help!

2. I love the book The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado. However I've found that some local Catholic book stores don't sell any of his work. Is that common?

Thanks! I have igloo pictures to post soon!

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