Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Mystical Body of Christ

This weeks RCIA topic. I've missed blogging a few of them I believe. Two more weeks until the Rite of Welcoming. We are also talking about taking a field trip to Richmond for Mass and a visit to the museum.

Back to my topic :-)

We discussed why the Church is mystical. Because it has both visible and spiritual aspects. Things we can see and those we cannot.

We also talked about the 4 marks of the Church:

One - One faith, unity of the Church throughout the world, communal celebration, functioning as a single body.

Holy - United with Christ, the Church is sanctified by Him; through Him and with Him, she becomes santifying.

Catholic - meaning universal, existing throughout the world, helping all people realize the call to holiness.

Apostolic - stemming from the 12 apostles, sharing in Jesus' mission, succession.

We also talked briefly about infallibility. I was ignorant about this topic and glad we discussed it so I actually understand what it means!

We talked about the different functions of different parts of the Body of Christ. It makes alot of sense. How we need all these people doing all these different things within the Church for Her to function at Her best. How much different my body would function without my foot, or heaven forbid without toes! lol
We are having our first RCIC meeting this Tuesday evening after Mass. I have to try to remember! I also said I would make a box for questions during our RCIA meeting.
All in all, very nice day!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Thanks for sharing your RCIA experience. Are you a convert? Revert? I teach catechism to first year confirmation. Many of the topics are remarkably the same.

Thou Art Jules said...

I am on the road to conversion. Thank you for stopping by!

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