Monday, November 16, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

I've been doing alot of studying in our Essentials of the Faith book. I have been taking each chapter, reading it, looking up the scriptures mentioned and then in my binder I title a page with the chapter and write down the three (sometimes four) questions at the end and their answers. I do this in hopes that it will help me retain information. Since there is so much information to digest! I thought today that I will probably need to revisit each chapter again and possibly even copy the reflections... I read quite a bit about Sacraments today. Confirmation, Baptism and the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the one that holds my attention the greatest. I know there are books out there just about the Eucharist. However, my brain can only hold so much information at one time. I'm sticking to the basics for now but plan to delve deeper when I can.

My husband did a catering last night that had tons of food left over. So, I invited my Mother, oldest daughter and my Aunt over for lunch today. We had mock turtle soup, angels on horseback (oysters wrapped in bacon,) and lambchops. I have to say... I had never tried lambchops before. There was just something unappetizing about it. Possibly that we raised a few sheep when I was a child.. But! I didn't like them lol So, I passed along some to another Aunt.

The visit was nice but strained. I'm having trouble communicating with people and feeling comfortable just being in the presence of others. Especially in an intimate setting like today. Small groups I guess.. and I suppose I figure they expect me to act like I always have and I feel like I'm completely different. Inside, outside and all around. I feel pressured to act a certain way and I have never been an actress! I can't pull it off and just end up feeling uncomfortable. Even with my own family. (not including those that live with me of course.)

We also got a new puppy today! He is precious! He is an Australian Shephard/ Blue Heeler mix. He is presently sleeping on my husbands shoe. We lost our beloved dog Bingo back in August. He was a great joy to us and was truly "my" dog. He was the best dog ever! :-) With diabetes and then a tumor in his abdomen he suffered enough. Since the loss which truly changed our entire family, our other dog Pepper became depressed and withdrawn. We are hoping that our new addition will not only perk Pepper up but help us as well. I'm thinking of naming him Jude.

My work on the dining room did not really progress today. I've spent much of the day reading and cleaning which is fine by me. I'm giving this medication another week before I call the doc. However, I sometimes wonder if I'm expecting too much from a pill!

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