Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm so excited! We have never celebrated Advent. Sure Christmas but this is a whole new ballgame :-)

I decided to do a Jesse tree this year so while at my Fathers house for Thanksgiving I sent my son and brother off to find us a small tree that would sit on the dining room table. They ended up climbing on top of my brothers big truck and cutting the top out of a tree. It's very cute and the tree will keep living so I thought that was perfect!

I've since thought of finding a stump and drilling a hole in it to sit the tree in. It's pretty small but should hold all the ornaments. I've visited several sites and printed off some kid friendly devotions for each day. I can't wait! I wish I had time to make some really cool ornaments for it but I think I'll start having the kids work on some. Perhaps we can make a few sets so they can take their sets of ornaments when they are all "growed up!"

It looks like my Aunt is going to need a place to stay for a while. I'm feeling very nervous about the possibility of her staying here for an extended period of time. Her husband and daughter do not want her going back to my Moms after the shooting.

Speaking of the shooting. They have one in custody and one they are still looking for. So, there is progress there!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I missed your earlier post on the shooting - just tracked it down. How unnerving! Yes, I think your mother and aunt were watched over, and I certainly hope the shooters are captured.

Anne said...

A blessed Advent to you Julia! I am finding that my plans for Advent are not always God's plans. It looks like you may be learning the same thing. The best part is no matter how off track we get from our intentions, we can always start over again! I bet that having your aunt stay with you was the best Advent sacrifice that God could have asked from you!

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