Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've been very productive this weekend! I took the kids and spent the day at my Mothers house yesterday. Her dining room has needed to be painted for ever. Someone had helped her by doing some drywall patching but that was as far as it ever got. So, we filed in around Noon and started sanding, vacuming, sweeping, covering and painting. She picked a beautiful creamy yellow with a creamy white trim. We got everything done except the wall where the wood stove had been. They've done alot of work to the drywall since taking the stove out and we had to re-mud it. I hope to go back Wednesday to finish. It looked so beautiful! The kids really seemed to be happy helping out and I had a great time. It was a total transformation! I took before pictures and will take an after picture Wednesday.

This prompted my own project here at home. We live in a home built in the 20's and I've always wanted to take our beautiful trim down, strip it and poly it. My husband started with the entryway and window trim in the dining room. I picked up the supplies today and had him teach me how. This will give me a constructive project for during the week while the kids are at school. It looks so beautiful when it's finished!

Brandon had his first day in his CCD class. He really liked it! Katelin went with me to RCIA today too. She didn't really like it but I believe she will come around. Brandon and I went back for 5:00 Mass. We will start going to the 11:30 Mass now so we get our classes and Mass in one trip :-)

This weeks topic is still centered on the Trinity - specificially on God the Son this week. I also got my Welcome pack for RCIA today with lots of great booklets and prayer cards in it. I'm excited about more reading materials!!

I'll try to write more tomorrow about my thoughts and what I've learned so far. Tonight I'm still beat from 8 hours of painting yesterday!

Bless you all!

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