Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Lords Prayer

I printed out The Lords Prayer for my 12 year old son last week. This is one of my many attempts to teach them the basics that they need to know in order to at the very least feel comfortable at Mass each week and in their classes so they don't feel like they know nothing. I posted earlier about my oldest daughter. She is 18 and no longer living at home. We've had lots of talks over the past week. She has been attending church with some relatives and is soaking everything up like a sponge. I did warn her to be careful. It's easy to believe everything you are told when you are learning. But we ended up on the subject that leads to my reasoning for teaching prayers and stories at this time. Basically I have taught the children NOTHING spiritual.... I feel bad for this but am trying to make up for it but in a way that doesn't make them resentful. I'm trying not to go overboard :-)

My son is loving it. My middle daughter - not so much. So, we are learning The Lords Prayer and what it means so we aren't just blindly reciting it. I am looking for any good Catholic teaching material. It doesn't even need to be for the appropriate age at this point. If you have any or know of a relatively inexpensive place where I could purchase them I'd be grateful!

I am still working on the dining room trim. I've almost finished the corner that I tore out and will then move on to another section. I'm sure I will feel the need to post pictures.


Daily Grace said...


There is a website called CatholicMom.com that has a section called Catholic Kids, I'm sure you will be able to find some good material there.

God Bless you and your family in your spiritual journey.

BTW, my youngest daughter calles herself Jules,when I pray for her I will remember to pray for you :)

Dymphna said...

Hi, Julia! Thanks so much for following my blog--I really appreaciate it!

God bless you as your enter the Catholic Church! My husband converted 5 years ago and his brother converted last year.

Thou Art Jules said...

Thank you both! I will check out that website as well

~ Judy ~ said...

Hi Jules! Thanks for joining my benmakesten blog!
God bless you and your family in your journey toward Christ and His Church!!! It just so happens that we JUST listed some AWESOME audio CD's that teach the Catholic Catechism on our website!!! So far we have First Holy Eucharist and Confirmation ones listed...with more to come in the near future!!! Visit us at
and click both the CATHOLIC CD'S page and THE CATHOLIC CORNER!
Also, one of the best books I've shared with people wondering about the Catholic Faith is called Bible Basics by Steve Kellmeyer...SO easy to understand and SO thorough!
You will find this inexpensive book in our online store at
(copy and paste that entire thing into your browser)
You might also wish to join our Daily Blessings website:
There are forums there and you are WELCOME to ask questions about the Faith...you'll also find a page called My Faith Corner which touches on certain Catholic Teachings!
Please feel free to email me (link in my profile) ANY time for more book titles or just to discuss the Catholic Teaching...I am HAPPY to help you in any way I can!
God bless you and your children as you come into HIS FULLNESS!
Peace and Joy!

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