Monday, October 19, 2009


Lots to write about today. My Aunt came over and we went shopping, to lunch, more shopping and then home for some housework. She is a wonderful lady and very faithful in prayer. Prayer is something I am striving for in my life. To develop a habit if you will. Meaning more than now at best!

I read somewhere that a great way to develop prayer is to pray for other people. So, if you are out there and would like to allow me to pray for you please comment or email me dixon dot julia at yahoo dot com :-)

Reading more on the Trinity today. Specificially God the Father. Some things jumped out at me. We are using Essentials of the Faith by McBride for RCIA.

"What does God's Fatherhood mean? Three things (1) God is the divine Father of the divine Son; (2) Our Father makes us in his image; (3) Our Father shares his divine life and love with us. We become images of God simply by being born. We become adopted sons and daughters of God by being born again in faith and Baptism."

"The doctirne of God as Father calls us to restore the active role of human fatherhood. God the Father is creative, vital and generative. Human families need these essential values. Our heavenly Father calls for earthly, caring fathers. Children deserve them. The hope of families and culture depends on them."

AMEN to that!

On a more personal note. My daughter had a complete melt down today about CCD classes... I mean unlike anything I've ever seen from her before. She is really fighting me on this. I'm unsure why but she told me that she did not believe in God. I blame myself for this. She is 15 and I have taught her nothing. We've stepped foot into a church less than a dozen times in her life probably. I asked her to please give it a try. That she needs to make an informed decision and that I don't feel like attending could harm her in any way.

I for one am looking forward to doing my "homework" this week! Learning and Mass is on my agenda for tomorrow :-)


Sarah - Kala said...

Put it all to prayer.
Praying for you all.

Anne said...

Ah those teen years are so difficult aren't they? Adding a major life change during those years can't be much fun! I give you so much credit! You are very brave and courageous. Give all your troubles to God. I think it was Pope John 23 that gave God all of his troubles every night before he went to bed. He'd say, "It's your church God, you take care of it, I'm going to bed!"

I pray that you come to a point where you and your daughter enjoy learning about the faith together. Perhaps a simple "Our Father" prayed together each day will help you both to feel connected.

If you are looking for prayer intentions, my friend Marge and I are trying to start a Spiritual Motherhood Apostolate here in Milwaukee, we want to assign a spiritual mother to every priest in our diocese so that the priests will each have a mother who will pray for them. I would appreciate prayers for this effort!

I will be praying for you and your daughter for your continued conversion process! God bless you!

Thou Art Jules said...

Thank you both for your support!

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