Sunday, October 18, 2009

This weeks focus

I managed to do it yet again, oversleep and miss 8:30 Mass. Go me! lol I get up at 6:45 M-F but come Sunday when I actually WANT to get up early I drowsily turn off the alarm and sleep until 8:36am...

I was trying to decide what time Mass would end so I could get to RCIA. Alls well that ends well though because not only did I get a great parking spot but I arrived just in time! It is a fairly small class and I joked with the leader of the class that I felt like an alcoholic because it's the 3rd time I've been in "the program!" :-)

So, this weeks focus is Trinity/Creed - God the Father

I am reading and reflecting and will share each day what I've learned and probably even what I'm confused about! Feel free to jump in!

Thank you all for your comments they mean so much to me!

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