Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rome Sweet Home

I finally did it. I bought Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. I have another of Scotts books and have wanted this one for a while. I'm trying not to go overboard and throw our entire budget off balance buying books :-) It was so worth every penny! I will read it again and again! The main difference is that Scott and Kimberly had such a strong foundation in Christianity prior to their conversion. Granted I went to church as a child. But, my Mother primarily went to non-denominational churches. I look back and am confused. I remember some stories from the bible but not so many, I remember learning verses although I don't remember them now, I remember learning the books in the bible and things of that nature. I remember learning the Lords Prayer. I do not have a solid foundation of scripture in my background. I feel almost like we are starting from scratch.
Mainly I know that I have felt a call back to church for years. We tried a United Methodist Church that my husbands family had been members but didn't find a home there. I have really felt called to the Catholic Church for 5 years or so. When I want to go to church, that is where I want to go. I can't explain it - it just is. I don't understand it all yet, I have millions of questions but here I am. I go to Mass at least every Sunday, RCIA each week and honestly if I can find other groups etc I will go to those as well.
I am out of work right now and feel that this is what I am suppose to be doing. In this economy staying home is traditionally frowned on by society especially with my children being 12 and 15. However, I have no desire to look for work at the moment. It's not that I'm being lazy. I actually love to work, I love the challenges and really like making money lol. But, I almost feel like it is essential to my wellbeing and my families that I do this right now. I have a strong feeling that the reason will be revealed to me in the future. So, I follow.
I have started reading the bible again after reading Scott and Kimberly's book. I want to understand what they are talking about in the scriptures. I feel like I'm back in school :-)
Not so much going on with the kids right now. We read two more stories last night. We read about the Garden of Eden and about Cain and Abel. Each night before we read, we talk about the stories we have already read. The lady who runs the bookstore has a daughter who is also 15. She said she is going to send her over to RCIA to meet my daughter. That would be awesome!


Anne said...

Looks like a great book! I'll have to check it out!

Sarah - Kala said...

It is a fantastic book, for certain! I have read it twice. I've loaned it out a bunch as well. The thing is, we all have a starting point when He calls us. He originally calls us from our conception, but for whatever reason (upbringing, rejection, life's interruptions, etc.), He continues to lovingly call us to Him. You are hearing Him and the Love Connection is taking place and drawing you into deeper communion and oh! what a love affair, my dear, The Lord has in store for you!!!

Satan will attack us through our children - if not always directly. Jesus blesses us through our children ALL THE TIME. It's a violent tug of war if you give your life to Christ. Christ will bless you; Satan will ignore you if he has you in his clutches of ignorance and indifference to Christ.

I think you know these things. And, I pray for you and your family. Keep the door open to Christ. God bless you and Mary keep you in her care.

Anne Marie said...

Welcome home!!! Jesus, Mary and all the Saints rejoice over you.

When you say society frowns on staying at home given the age of your kids I would qualify that statement by saying that secular society, or pop culture frowns on your decision. From the Catholic perspective, given that marriage is your vocation, homemaking, raising your children, teaching them the faith and having a strong relationship with their father is your highest calling.


Because this is your path to heaven.

What goes on in the day-to-day world is only important in as much as it is the means by which we honor God with our lives. Our means of sanctification.

If our goal is heaven, and who’s wouldn’t’ be, then our goal is to live lives pleasing to God that sanctify our families and lift them up toward heaven also. Leading the souls of our family members toward heaven trumps working for a buck. Every time.

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