Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making Light of Being Heavy - Book Review

Making Light of Being Heavy

By Kandy Siahaya

Making Light of Being Heavy is exactly that. It is a lighthearted look at being “fat!” Kandy grew up in a small town in Maine and according to her recollection has been overweight for most of her life. Through these years she has learned a lot about what that means.

Kandy speaks openly and frankly about her weight and covers topics like insults and the problems overweight people face with basic public situations such as restrooms, seatbelts and even restaurant booths.

You will take a journey from Abs Diet to Weight Watchers as Kandy walks through common diet plans and dissects each of them according to their assets and defects. Of course everyone is different so what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Next comes the fun part! Just who’s fault is it anyway? Is it heredity that causes some people to be overweight? Is it society? Honestly, as someone who has been overweight most of my adult life.. I’ve often wondered the same thing! Who is to blame!? I know I am to blame but something has shifted that has brought our society to a majority of overweight people compared to other countries.

Then Kandy discusses the dreaded “You have such a pretty face!” compliment! Well meaning friends/family/strangers are often at a loss as to what to say. They know that you are more than your weight but for some reason they feel the need to verbalize it. Kandy talks about some common misconceptions towards overweight people in Chapter 4 that are a must read for anyone!

I found this book very refreshing in a society that is so focused on weight loss. Of course I know that many of us do need to lose weight but sometimes it’s nice to just be comfortable in your own skin for a while. Beating yourself up doesn’t help you lose weight! You cannot be kind to yourself if you are constantly beating yourself up for who you currently are. At some point you have to at least partially accept yourself before you can truly muster the strength to commit.

I’m happy to have had the chance to review Kandy’s book and am looking forward to her interview tomorrow!! Check back and see what she has to say!

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