Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A WOMAN and HER Workplace - Book Review

A WOMAN and HER Workplace

Author: Rosemary Flaaten

Publisher: Beacon Hill Press

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when this book came across my desk. I have often spoke of and wondered about Women and how they relate in a business setting. It seems that when you have women in the workplace, things get complicated. I can say this without ducking flying objects because I am a woman! I’ve seen drama and backstabbing disrupt so many great work environments and it doesn’t seem to differentiate between rank, pay grade or job description.

Rosemary tackles this very difficult to even talk about subject with grace and knowledge. Not only does she take you through the dynamics of the workplace but also your relationship with co-workers, management and even touches on the opposite sex. These are all important topics that greatly affect our workday and our lives!

You will read about building bridges with others and the baggage that everyone carries into any relationship. You will have to take stock in yourself as you read through a chapter on pride and humility. Deception is a tough topic as it is so easy to “talk your way” out of something that ends up affecting more than just your own job security. Rosemary delicately speaks about anger. While anger is a normal and healthy emotion, it is important to learn how to temper your anger and use Gods gift of forgiveness in your daily relationships.

I think my favorite was Chapter 6 where Rosemary talks about envy. Envy is such a tough emotion for women to deal with. It can creep in and ruin the best of relationships but even worse is the damage it does to you. Of course there are other chapters that touch on teamwork, learning to appreciate others strengths and of course topics on integrity, gossip and sharing your faith.

This is a must read for men and women alike! Whether you are in a position of leadership or in an entry level position, this book will give you a glimpse into not only how women think and relate but what you can do to promote a healthy and productive work environment.

*Reading material provided by Kathy Carlton Willis Communications for review purposes

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