Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lift Up My Soul - Book Review

Lift Up My Soul

Devotions To Start Your Day With God

by Charles F. Stanley

Wake up to a new day!

Lift Up My Soul is a daily devotional written by Dr. Charles Stanley. Dr. Stanley is the pastor of Frist Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Stanley presents a daily scripture reading as a way to get you into Gods Word. It is a wonderful way to work through some parts of the Bible that you may not have spent much time in. I would say it would be a wonderful idea to meditate on the scripture of the day and apply it's guidance to the rest of the day. It is often amazing to see how you can apply verse to real life situations.

Next, Dr. Stanley presents a few paragraphs that range from real life stories that relate to the message for that day, a story that is inspirational or even insructional. This particular day he speaks of our needs and how important it is to take our needs to God alone and wait for his action. He is stressing the importance of not pushing OUR will on any given situation. It is a good reminder to take all things (big or small) to the Lord.

Lastly, Dr. Stanley presents a prayer for you. These prayers vary from prayers of thanksgiving to requests for knowledge. This devotional truly covers a multitude of situations, topics and instructional material. It is a must for any bedside table and presents a way to build a daily routine for spending time with our Savior and in His Word that is interactive and interesting. It is easy for many Christians to get lost in the Bible and to feel overwhelmed. This book is a wonderful way to break down parts of the Good Word into bite sized pieces that are easily related to.

*This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for review purposes

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