Monday, October 4, 2010

Under A Maui Moon - Book Review


Under A Maui Moon by Robin Jones Gunn
Reviewed by: Julia Dixon,
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Howard Books
Publication Dates: July 6, 2010

Carissa’s quiet and scheduled world is turned upside down in a matter of about 24 hours. In these 24 hours she has lost her sense of privacy and safety in her own home, realized that her marriage is and has been coming apart at the seams and is terminated from her 15 year position in a medical office.

Carissa’s husband Richard is a psychologist and an artist at solving other people’s problems. However, his inability to solve problems at home comes to a head when unknowingly he leaves his wife feeling unprotected and unimportant.
In an effort to escape from a situation that Carissa feels she cannot control, she accepts an invitation to travel alone to the beautiful island of Hawaii. With nothing but time on her hands and the waves calling to her, Carissa finds herself at odds with her own conscience as she battles her own past, her relationship with God and her husband. Just as revelations are made, Carissa places them tightly into a box that is bursting at the seams.
With the beautiful sand and surf, a garden paradise outside of her back door and a well tanned athletic neighbor, Carissa’s adventure is just beginning! In the end, Carissa confronts herself as she has never done before, has some straight talk with her Heavenly Father, and realizes that love is ripe for the picking at any age.

Robin manages to take you with her into the tropical paradise of the Hawaiian islands like none other! You can smell the jasmine in the air and feel the sand under your feet in this book. I would love to have read this book in January! This book is an exotic adventure through the islands and with the islanders that you are not soon to forget. Carissa becomes a friend to you through this book as you follow her and her heart through the turmoil of confusion, hurt and abandonment - into strength, knowledge, trust and a little glimmer in her eye that we can all relate to in some way. We all need to remember that God is always there if we open our eyes and our hearts.
The story also tells of a historical female figure in Hawaii’s distant path that calls to the instincts of every woman in one way or another. This is a book that I had a lot of trouble putting down but no trouble coming up with a review for. I would definitely recommend it to any woman whether single, married, happy or unhappy!

*This book was provided by Wynn Wynn Media for review purposes

*PG13 – I give this book a PG13 rating due to some conversations regarding addictions including sexual addiction. These discussions are not descriptive but they are conversations none the less.

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