Monday, October 18, 2010

A Plan AKA Making God Laugh!

Perhaps it is my intention to make God laugh today? They say the easiest way to make HIM laugh is to make a plan right?

So here goes!

My to-do list

1. Wake at 5:30am for time with the Lord
2. Prepare a simple breakfast for the kids each morning
3. Wake the kids on time so they can be prepared for their day
4. Get the kids out the door with a smile on my face and a kind word in their hearts
5. Eat healthier
6. Get some exercise every day
7. Drink 8 glasses of water
8. Don't forget to take meds
9. Create a blogging plan to stay focused
10. Keep the house clean and tidy
11. Find a bible study group
12. Visit some churches and finally commit to becoming part of a church family (for real!)
13. Keep the kids on target with their homework
14. Prepare dinner on time for family dinner at the table
15. Find a chore chart that works and doesn't cause me to want to pull my hair out
16. Make sure everything is straight before the kids get to bed
17. Have kids get things together for tomorrow before bed
18. Have kids in bed at a decent hour
19. Spend some quality time with hubby before bedtime
20. Get myself to bed at a decent hour

Now, some of these things I am already doing and some are things I want to work on. The sad part is... there is more to add to this list!

So, what is on your to-do list? What habit are you working on?

1 comment:

GrandmaK said...

One day at a time, Dear Friend! Don't be discouraged if all the things on the list have to wait! At least your list is realistic! Wishing you a grand day! Cathy

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