Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Once again I've waited too long to post! We've had so much going on around here! This of course is good because we are staying busy and productive.

Progress reports came home yesterday from school. Katelin is doing great in all subjects! She was having a bit of trouble in honors chemistry but her teacher says she is really on the ball now and things are looking up. David had all A's and B's! Brandon had great grades as well with just a touch of trouble in honors Math. The honors classes always require a bit more study and work than regular classes. Sometimes they struggle a bit at first because they are use to regular classes that they could breeze right through.

Brandon's school is doing the musical play Willy Wonka this year. Brandon tried out and was chosen for the lead role of Charlie!!! I am so proud of him :-) He also found out yesterday he is farsighted and we are waiting on his glasses to come in on Friday.

My Mother In Law has moved in nextdoor! We spent the last week and a half preparing the house for her. We have known the owner for years and he made her a great deal on the house because he wanted to find someone who would get in and stay in for a while. We repainted the whole house and have literally worked our tails off!

She's moved in now and mostly settled. We are enjoying morning coffee after the kids go to school every day! She seems to have more energy than she's had in years! I'm very happy and think this will all work out just fine :-)

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