Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making my home sing!

I've seen this linky often and failed to participate but always checked it out. The reason for this of course is that I would love to make my home sing! Instead it seems to be groaning! Head on over to Moms The Word for Making Your Home Sing Monday!

I've been taking steps since school started to get my home back to where "I" would like it to be. I have every excuse in the world so I wont even list them!

We had not ate dinner at the dining room table in months because of a renovation project that I started in there. I finally got the sanding done on the walls and the two coats of paint on. I am now finishing up the trim that I removed, stripped, sanded and am now staining. Our dining room should be as good as new any day now! I did clear off the table though so we are eating at it in the unfinished room :-)

I plan to make my home sing this week (along with its inhabitants!) by finally finishing my never ending project!!!


momstheword said...

I can so totally relate. We are still trying to finish the bathroom remodel.

The former owners glued the wallpaper to the sheetrock, and removing it is slooooow going. We have tried everything!

It is not peeling off well at all, and you have to be extremely careful or you will have to repair the sheetrock as well.

I have lost my excitement for redoing the bathroom, lol! At this rate, we will finish it in about 50 years.

So it is so encouraging to see that you are finishing up your project. I need to get motivated and get back to working on mine (last week I hardly touched it at all). Are you going to post pictures?

Thank you for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday today!

Joyfull said...

Remodeling can surely throw a kink in a family's daily routine. I love your attitude of plunging in and getting it done! Hope all goes smooth.

Erin said...

Dinner as a family is so worth working towards. Great job making it a goal.

Toyin O. said...

hope your home sang!

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