Sunday, June 6, 2010

Christian Moms and Burn Out (Part 1)

Burnout: Verb

To become drained, exhausted, fatigued. To get tired, grow weary, run down. To run out of steam, stress out, tire. To wear down or wear out.

A verb is a part of speech generally used to indicate action. It can be used partially for mood or a state of being.
Burn out is a verb because it is happening! Burnout is a state of being and can definitely be considered a mood.
Truthfully, I cannot say with any certainty that Motherhood is tougher than it used to be. I wasn’t around then (before that is.) I hear all the time how much the “times have changed.” There is more stress on our families, our husbands, our children and our communities. If you use this as a scale to measure then it would be logical to think that Motherhood as well is more stressful.
Faith – Our faith is under attack on a daily basis. Perhaps it’s fair to say on a minute by minute basis. Our society has grown away from the Lord, from morals, from values and let’s not forget how far much of our society has grown from just simple courtesy! It’s a full-time job just to try to vaccinate our children against our own country!

Marriage – Much like faith, our marriages are under attack. Marriage is seen as being disposable in our society. The numbers speak for themselves. Marriage is no longer “until death do us part” nor does it have anything to do with “honor and obey” in our society. We must man the trenches in order to protect our hearts and minds from the poison that eats away at millions of marriages.

Household – Technology is wonderful.. right? I’ve read so many studies showing that even with all of our “time saving” technology, we are still having trouble keeping up with the same amount of work our grandmothers did. Yes we can get a letter to someone in another country in a millisecond but it’s awful hard to get a load of laundry washed, dried, folded and actually put away!

There are so many more branches to this conversation. However I believe the most important thing to remember is faith.
Trust in the Lord always!
Pray continuously and without ceasing!
Find other women of like mind to share your journey.
Lift each other up!
Check your priorities. Put them back in order. God first, Marriage second and your Children third.
If you manage your life according to your priority list you should see less stress in your life and more time to grow as HIS daughter. When you have a choice to make about what to do today, I urge you to use the priority list to determine what you say yes to and what can wait until later!


Colleen said...

Very good post. Love the priority list. God bless!

Traci Michele said...

I JUST LOVE how there are so many women, seeking to glorify God in their marriages! Feel free to link up every Monday, over at Ordinary Inspirations as well:

I know you will encourage a lot of women by doing this.

I'm your newest follower! Nice to meet yoU!

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