Saturday, June 26, 2010


So, I have a delima. I basically know what to do but am not sure how to do it..

My house has become the hangout for several neighborhood children. I love these kids to death! They all come from iffy backgrounds and I like to think that we are giving them a safe place to play and possibly passing on some good behaviors. They are good children! They have great manners and even though we don't really do anything, they love to be here!

The problem is getting them to go home!

Like I said, I love having them here. They play games and are learning to cook and clean. However, I've noticed that my son is catching a bad attitude when they are here. I can't say that he's getting it from any of them but maybe that he is trying to show off? Two of them are here to spend the night again tonight. Last night one of the mothers called and asked if her child could stay because something is going on between him and her fiance and she would be at work. The other had something going on with her older brother and didn't want to go home.

So, I feel guilty sending them home! But, to save my sanity and keep my own children on track I know that I must do it!

Help! I need a break!

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